Parking Information


The Waterfront Inn has 6 parking spots available to guests.   There are 4 on the street level, and 2 down a steep driveway.  Be aware that some people find that parking down the driveway is a bit of a challenge.  When parking in #5 in front of the garage, please pull as far to your left as possible to leave room for owner and manager cars to your right.  If you have a large vehicle, parking spot #1 is usually best when it is available.  Please note that people with mobility challenges may have difficulty navigating the steep driveway to access the Waterfront Rooms, Rainier Room, or the pier and dock.  If this is a concern, please call us at 253-857-0770.

Alternative Public Parking

We know that some people are not comfortable driving down the steep driveway and sometimes guests do not park within the spaces, which may limit which ones are available.  If a guest is not parked properly, please call us at 253-857-0770 and we will do our best to contact the guest to fix this.  However, we also have nearby public parking available on city streets, as well as a small public parking lot with an electric charging station as seen in the map below.  The yellow highlights are streets that allow public parking with no time limits.  On N Harborview, you can only park in the public lot or in marked parking spaces.  Please do not park in the private parking area on Goodman (marked with 3 red X’s).